Rockford Verdi Club and Banquet Hall

The Verdi Club is one of the most popular Italian clubs in the Midwest! They offer a wide variety of activities for their members including a full bar, professional bocce courts, riverfront property, pool tables, and a concert hall that is available for rent. For over 89 years, the members of the Giuseppe Verdi Society have taken pride in having one of the elite social clubs in Rockford.

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Rockford Verdi Club and Banquet Hall

Become a Verdi Club Member

Our club members are able to enjoy the traditional Italian game of bocce on professional courts while watching boats cruise by on the Rock River. Whether you are interested in playing bocce, or just looking for a new place to socialize, being a member of the Verdi Club is unbeatable!
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Rockford Verdi Club and Banquet Hall

Upcoming Verdi Club Events

Members of the Verdi Club have countless opportunities to congregate with fellow members. Once a year the Verdi hosts an annual club picnic for members and their families. Maybe you would enjoy playing a round of golf with fellow members. See the link below for a listing of Verdi events.
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Rockford Verdi Club and Banquet Hall

Rent the Club!

We have a banquet hall that is available for club members and for the general public to rent! We also have convenient catering that is available to anyone that is renting the club. We are your economically priced 1 stop rental hall in Rockford, IL! Please contact us for more details.
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